"Who am I? The acrobat of my soul" (Chi sono io? Il saltinbanco dell'anima mia) mural

Address: 14030 Viarigi AT, Italia

Mural dedicated to all artists and poetry.

It was commissioned on the occasion of the Saltinpiazza 2019 event, the street art festival.

The mural project is coordinated by Letizia Veiluva, Fabio Orioli, Miriam Holstvoogd, Stefano Porro and Alessandro Pugliese in collaboration with the students of the Free Academy of Art Novalia in Alba, and Silvia Caronna, teacher of figurative arts at the artistic high school "Benedetto Alfieri" of Asti.

The title "Who am I? The saltinbanco of my soul" is inspired by Aldo Palazzeschi's poem "Who am I?"

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