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I let you think" mural ("Ti lascio pensare")

Address Via Calvi, 10, 14030 Viarigi AT, Italia
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Postal Code 14030

Mural dedicated to nature.

It was created on the occasion of the 2022 edition of Saltinpiazza, the street art festival.

The mural project was created by Pikitanka, a historic creative collective composed of Letizia Veiluva, Stefano Porro, Silvia Caronna, and Alessandro Pugliese.

The meaning of the mural is explained by the Pikitanka artists: “Ti lascio pensare" (I let you think) is the title we have chosen for this new mural. The sentence reflects, in its simplicity, the hope that anyone pass in front of the work will have the opportunity to stop for a moment to let their imagination flow. In a hectic and bulimic world, we often tend to over-rationalize every single thing that stands before us, as if everything must have a clinical explanation. Through art, on the other hand, we have the opportunity to create bridges of connection that connect our souls and move the strings of the heart. Here then, artistic elements interact with the surrounding square and become three-dimensional in the eyes of those who stop to observe. A "midsummer night's dream," a simple fairy forest or whatever each passerby, with their own uniqueness, will be able to see”.


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