The widespread garden of Viarigi (Il giardino diffuso di Viarigi)

Address: 14030 Viarigi AT, Italia

The idea of creating a widespread garden in Viarigi stems from a strong need for renewal and revitalization of the area in respect of the landscape/architectural heritage and with particular attention to eco-compatibility and the increase in biodiversity.

The garden develops throughout the village, and each area is characterized by a 'theme'. It is therefore a succession of 'rooms' sometimes connected by aesthetics or conceptually, sometimes independent.

Suddenly different scenarios open up to visitors and the desire for discovery, the search for surprise leads to exploring the whole village, going up the hill to reach the tower and finally seeing, from the top, the typical landscape of Monferrato.

This itinerary can be repeated several times a year because, as the seasons change, the areas are transformed: first the blooms of the spring bulbs, then the explosion of the 150 historic and botanical roses, then the scent and color of the Mediterranean scrub of the escarpment, the brightening of the autumn foliage and berries, and finally the unusual and refined charm of the winter garden.

In addition, new spaces are created each year, and their growth also makes for an ever-changing visit. There is no shortage of plants that scatter independently, giving rise to a garden 'on the move,' which renews and regenerates itself independently, without following patterns.

Not only aesthetic research, but also the creation of an environment as varied as possible where biodiversity is preserved and promoted. An approach that respects the native flora and fauna and a philosophy of 'regeneration' of soil fertility through the restoration of the organic component and the maintenance of its microbiological activity.

A 'cultural' program as well. On the one hand, the app (under construction) that allows people to learn about the plants present and in particular about the history of the botanical evolution of the Roses (all charted and annotated), annotated walks, lecture series, and a section of the library dedicated to these issues.

On the other, the creation of the teaching garden that will enable children to deepen their relationship with nature through interesting and fun workshops.


Comune di Viarigi

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